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    Construction Industry Sales Management Jobs in Leeds

    Construction Industry Sales Management Jobs in Leeds

    There is more to the construction industry than blueprints, tradesmen and the actual building work. Construction industry sales management jobs are among the most crucial available in this sector. Every building company and construction firm that’s looking to expand and stay in profit, needs to bring in new clients and win new contracts. Who helps achieve that? The sales team and their management, that’s who.

    So, if you are living in Leeds or somewhere in the surrounding area and have either experience in sales or management, our consultants at the Courtney Smith Group want to hear from you. Your experience doesn’t even have to be within the construction industry. You don’t have to have any experience whatsoever. We value motivated, driven and passionate individuals and can find trainee positions to suit your level of skill.

    We have built for ourselves a strong reputation for producing outstanding results for our clients in the time since our business was first established in 2003. This is partly due to just ow seriously we treat the application and vetting process for our candidates.

    Whereas some agencies are only interested in meeting numerical targets, we are not interested in that kind of recruitment. We are interested in supplying our trusted clients with the highest calibre of candidates.

    Do you think you have what it takes? Yes? Great, get in contact with us right away, don’t even delay it for one more day!

    We’ve made contacting us as easy as possible and you can either take the direct approach and speak to us on the phone or by sending us an email. If you’re curious as to what kind of construction industry sales management jobs we have on offer in Leeds right now, scroll to the bottom half of this page and apply for any that takes your fancy. Want to touch base quickly with minimum fuss? Use the simple and effective Upload Your CV button to send us your up-to-date details.

    So, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to take the plunge or not. If you are, we will be glad to help you out every step of the way and will find you that awesome career opportunity that will challenge and push you!